Roll Out The Barrel

Welcome, peeps, to the St. Ives, Cornwall Beer Festival, 2003 vintage.

Firstly, on a technical note, we would like to apologise for the 'not very good' quality of the photos. Lest you think that we were mouse-bottomed when we tried to take them we would point out that we only had a small digicam and it is quite a voluminous hall. This meant that the flash wouldn't light up anything at a greater range than about 10 feet and so we had to take the piccies in low-light conditions, hence the camera shake. We've tried to do a bodge using computer photo-editing chicanery but there's only so much even the little cyber-elves can do.

So, sorry about that, you'll just have to go with the flow, do a 'suspension of disbelief' thing or have a load of beers before you start viewing!

Secondly, I'd like to bung in a couple of useful links which I feel sort of morally obliged to after the 'poster and the bleurk from Sheffield' incident. Remind me to tell you about that some time!

CAMRA Cornwall

Skinner's Brewery

Anyway, time to cut to the chase .....

The Reporting Team sent in their best ..... well, the only two who hadn't succumbed to a surfeit of ale! St. Ives CAMRA Cornwall Beer Festival 2003 1
Hmm, so much to choose from, CAMRA goodies, St. Ives Beerfest goodies ..... St. Ives CAMRA Cornwall Beer Festival 2003 2
..... and goody goodies!

Boy, fetch me my ale-quaffing horn!

St. Ives CAMRA Cornwall Beer Festival 2003 3

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