Yes Minster

Down in St. Ives, Cornwall and looking for a modicum of exercise?

For those of a gentler disposition who are not equipped, mentally or physically, to attempt the walk to Zennor but who fancy a stroll somewhere, there remains the option of walking the Coast Path in the other direction. Depending on how far you feel like going you can sample some of the (alleged) delights of Carbis Bay and Lelant.

Those of a particularly perverse disposition can even walk to Hayle if they are feeling weird enough.

Should you wish to try the trek start from the Lifeboat House, head up the Warren and round Porthminster beach.

Porthminster, St. Ives, Cornwall Porthminster beach, on which colonies of tourists frequently settle in the Summer. Just walk on by.

At the far end of Porthminster you will find the path starts to zigzag upwards taking you over the railway line.

The Penzance to St. Ives train Aha, a train. This could be a clue.

At the top of the path you will (need to pause for oxygen) and find a small crossroads. You can either keep going straight on which will take you to the Huers' house and onwards or take the left turn which loops round, eventually re-joining the main path. Going left also allows you to get down onto Porthminster Cove should you be that way inclined.

The Huers lodge, St. Ives, Cornwall 1

The Huers lodge, St. Ives, Cornwall 2

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