Streets Of Rage

Here is a street map of St. Ives, Cornwall to give you some reference points.

Top Tip

The important things to remember if you are unfamiliar with St. Ives and have been wandering around for a few minutes are:-

  1. You are almost certainly not facing the direction you think you are.
  2. You probably aren't where you think you are.
  3. You definitely need a drink.

Further Top Tip

When asking directions from a St. Ivean it is no use saying I am looking for my wife/child/car/the Tate/etc .....


As anybody with eyeballs and a couple of braincells to rub together will gather from the map virtually all of St. Ives is 'by the sea'. Using the sea as a point of reference is like trying to find something in the Sahara on the basis that it is next to a sand dune!

St Ives1.jpg (558695 bytes)

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