Maritime Matters

As the poet John Masefield once observed:-

"I must go down to the sea again

To the sea and the lonely sky

And all I ask is a tall ship

And a shotgun to blow away those @&%$! seagulls"

St. Ives, Cornwall is by the sea. It is a quaint olde worlde fishing village. I just mention this because you'd be surprised at the number of tourists who turn up and complain about the seagulls/weather/lack of 60,000 seat stadia/etc.

Being quite near to Land's End and stuck out into the Atlantic does mean that all sorts of interesting things can happen. Indeed, as you can see, all sorts of interesting things can wash up as well.

Catamaran beached in the harbour, St. Ives, Cornwall

Somebody call Pete Goss!

Of course, it's not all just high jinks on the high seas, you know. See below for more fish stories.

Fish Me Quick

On The Rocks

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