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 A Show Of Hands


Beer! Nightly!


Not a musical ensemble, more a way of life for the Reporting Team and the sum total of their political manifesto. Or so, you’d think …..  

….. And so you would have thunk wrongly if you had that thought gethunken!
Messrs Phil Beer and Steve Knightley are in fact the geniuses, genii, genies …very clever people behind the Devonish, Devonic, West Country Folk twosome (or two-and-three quarters-some if Miranda is gigging with them), Show of Hands. The last of the independents, despite flirtations with critical acclaim (Q Magazine, Beeb Radio, etc awards), they have refused to swim in the turd-filled, shark-infested waters of the record companies and promulgate their music on their own label.


Ever the souls of helpfulness, Phil and Steve always arrange themselves alphabetically, left to right. 

[See notes throughout]

Show of Hands

Although their musical oeuvres are available on CD (see Lynxes) they are very much a live act, first and foremost. They are frequently gigging, either as Show of Hands or as solo acts or parts of other musical collaborations. No venue is considered too much of a dump for them to perform in and they have gigged in everything from village halls, to sports clubs, to cathedrals, to the Royal Albert Hall. Rumours they have been lined up to be the half-time entertainment at the next Superbowl have yet to be confirmed.

Did Joseph once come to St. Michael’s Mount? Your Ace (If Slightly Inebriated) Reporters!
And enjoy a few biblical pints of Sharp’s (Garden of) Eden Ale at the Godolphin Arms?
Sonic and Shaun certainly did!
Beer! Day and Nightly!!


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