These Boots Were Made For Walking

Ah yes, the walk to Zennor from St. Ives, Cornwall via the coast path. It sounds idyllic, doesn't it? Just a stroll along the cliff tops drinking in the spectacular scenery.

Oh, it is spectacular.

It's just that your feet may never speak to you again after you attempt it (see Serious Note below).

If you've got any enemies with heart conditions, sending them on this walk is a foolproof way of bumping them off.

The Coastpath marker to Zennor on Man's Head, St. Ives, Cornwall Not an awfully big marker but an awfully big lie!

The sign quite clearly says 'six and a quarter miles to Zennor'. Unfortunately it forgets to mention that it is six and a quarter miles as the crow flies .....

..... a rocket-propelled crow that has just been shot out of a cannon, to be precise!

There are three potential walking routes to Zennor:-

  1. Walk the road - and risk getting run down by deranged motorists
  2. Walk the field path - follow the telegraph poles (which the locals regularly move as a practical joke)
  3. Walk the coast path - it hurts but it's a good sort of hurt

Still, any of these routes will prove most problematical if you are, in fact, not in St. Ives. So, for the benefit of those who live in that place outside St. Ives (I think it's called the world or some such funny phrase) your intrepid correspondent brings you .....

..... the coast path walk to Zennor in all its glory (and terror).

Serious Note:

The walk along the coast path from St. Ives to Zennor is beautiful. It is also very serious walking. There are high cliffs, the ground is very rocky and uneven. The path is narrow and steep. There are no shops and there are very few places where you can exit. Once you set out your options are basically reduced to two; keep going forward or go back.

If you want to do the walk these are pretty essential:-

A map (you can't miss the path but you'll need it if there is an emergency and you need to go cross-country).
Walking boots (trainers, and your feet, will get ripped to shreds).
Fluid (as much as you can reasonably carry, I easily used up two litres and I was rationing myself).
Appropriate clothing for the time of year and weather (there is no shelter if you get caught out).
Let someone know where you are going (out of season there is very little traffic and if you break a leg the vultures are more likely to get to you than rescuers).

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