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Welcome to a new (and probably not improved) section of Spooky St. Ives, in which real people from the outside world can contribute their views, thoughts or whatevers on St. Ives.

If you've got something to say on any St. Ives-related subject then click on the link below to send in your oeuvre to:-

The Spooky St. Ives Readers' Reviews

Go on. We really want to hear from you. Or are you just going to let hedgehogs, sheep and assorted cuddly creatures tell you the way it is in St. Ives?

There are only a few house rules:-

All contributions will be reproduced as is (subject to conditions detailed below) without editorial comments (other than in the instance of a factual question being asked to which we know an answer).
Authors names will be credited unless you state a wish to remain anonymous.
We will not reproduce anything that we consider to be abusive (other than towards Vile Jelly who is fair game), libellous, factually wrong or just plain drivel. The Soup Dragon's editorial decision on such submissions is final.
Submissions should be in the form of some semi-coherent review, narrative or essay. One-liners and general queries will get posted in the E-Mails Section.

Other than that, it's up to you what you say and about what you say it.




Who Waits For The Waiters?

Andrew Macdonald

2 October 2002
Reply 1 Susanne Woodman 21 October 2002

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