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[What's left of the St. Ives arts scene, plus the Tate! Also, gulleries for those easily gulled].

The Reporting Team recommends:-

Wonder what ever happened to the Leach Pottery? So do we, Why not check our Leach Pottery Section which is now officially a historical artefact as the Pottery is out of commission and the powers-that-be have booted out the last remaining link to Bernard Leach, the legendary Trevor Corser!

Also, if ceramics float your boat why not check out the wond'rous and slightly more technical (to say nothing of factual!):-

The Digital Museum of Cornish Ceramics


Meanwhile, elsewhere .....

Alan Bennett Art Alexandra Dickens Alfred Wallis Amicus Trencrom
Angela Diggle Art & Artefact Badcock's Gallery Belgrave Gallery
Bryan Pearce Cornerstone Gallery Cornish Ceramics David Pearce Productions
Douglas Hill Jenny Devereux JP Fine Art Landscapes
Paul Geraghty Penhaven Gallery Ponckle Gallery St. Ives Ceramics
St. Ives School of Painting St. Ives Society of Artists Studio Pottery Tate Gallery
The Goldfish Bowl The Great Atlantic Tom Gower Studios  

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