The Weakest Link?

Want some useful information about St. Ives, Cornwall?

Don't we all!

Still, this is what the Reporting Team have managed to cobble together. 

Most of the sites are commercial but I am not getting a bean for doing this, so the listings are at my discretion and any dealings you may have with them are down to you. There has been no particularly great effort to sort the entries by substance/relevance/elegance/importance/balance or anything else ending in 'ance'. (Not even underpance!).

The Reporting Team would like to make it clear that they are open to all forms of bribery, chicanery and skullduggery should anyone want their site to occupy a more prominent position.

If anyone wants to be in them (or wants to recommend anyone) just bung us a line at:-

What's In It For Us?

The Reporting Team say:-

Buy local produce (it's tasty and nutritious)!

You can make of these what you will (I made paper hats) but once you feel yourself starting to lose the will to live in the face of all this information overload, don't forget to come back to Spooky St. Ives and refresh your wilting spirit.

So, what are you after?







..... or if you'd rather get some more local skeet .....

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